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Only part of your collection drives the business :  get the best out of it, over the entire season.

Do you really know your products ?
The potential they represent ?
Today ? Tomorrow ?​

Much like a detective relies on his trusted evidence collection kit to solve a case, you can use business analytics to compute your sales data and use them like clues to simplify retail operations.

Business analytics and statistics are technologies and applications that allow to mine and combine data to provide new information to improve the decision making process.

Indeed, with a clear picture of your products potential sales, you can develop and deliver the best offer.


SCOR-TEX is the Intelligent Business Analytics tool to help you not missing sales.

With this software you have the knowledge of:

. Your products potential sales - Actual sales

   and lost sales (the economic value of your

. Store ability to sell a type of products

   targeting local customers

. The ideal inventory for each product ( each

   size and each color)
. The future weekly sales for each product.

SCOR-TEX provides also, every night, the picking sheet for the warehouse, to do store replenishment.
Optimizing store assortments will give the necessary but sufficient stock to maximize sales sand satisfy local demand.

Finally SCOR-TEX plans your re orders. You will have, in the warehouse, the right quantities at the right time to satisfy all the stores need. And of course, no overstock!

                                                             DO NOT MISS SALES!        DO NOT BUILD YOUR OVERSTOCK!

With perfect ergonomics: SCOR-TEX is a very friendly software. The users work with it like a game station ! Never Users have worked with statistics with so much fun !

If you can offer the products customers want, when they want them — and at a price they’re willing to pay — you can avoid unnecessary promotional expenses.

Likewise, you can mark down a product before it loses its attraction or withdraw resources from less successful business areas and reinvest in more profitable lines. As a result, your retail organization becomes more efficient and your margin improves drastically.

In addition, to ensuring that the hottest products are on the shelves when customers want them, such smart replenishment practices have a big impact. By the same token, lowering the volume of warehouse returns decreases the considerable costs associated with reverse logistics.

You can learn what shoppers want — then create and supply the products they demand, when, where, and how they demand them. Many of a retailer’s challenges are in the supply chain. SCOR-TEX can help you drill down into the chain to get the answers.

To ensure that they have the right mix of products on the floor at any given time, fashion apparel retailers have to not only sense changes in selling patterns, but quickly translate that intelligence into a series of coordinated decisions that go right up the supply chain. This means knowing when and how much to ramp up or cut back on the production of some styles, and for which sizes and colors. It means choosing the right mix of transport modes to balance the urgency of delivery against cost. It can even mean ordering scarce fabrics months in advance to ensure there’s enough on hand when it counts.

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