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Decrease out of stock, meaning increase gross profit 

Decision support ergonomic and complete
Calculation of product potential sales
Economic value evaluation for each product 

.  Target stores list research
Daily  implementation evaluation
Calculating the ideal stock (stock necessary

   and sufficient) on floors
Permanent automatic replenishment
Weekly future sales determination
Calculation of purchase reorders with 

   delivery timing
Multi geographic areas
Data exportation to MicrosoftExcel

The SCOR-TEX's main screen (no display on the website) is the key to optimized performance.

The goal is to bring together all relevant information on one product to answer questions that will help drive your retail organization. You can achieve a single view of the product.

This screen is the heartbeat of SCOR-TEX and  is providing tools with insights in real time. Business users from any department can tap into this tools to get the answers they need to drive stronger performance.

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